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Kyasi UV Cell Phone Sanitizer VMAX S2 White - KYPTGUVS2

Item Code: KYPTGUVS2

Kyasi’s Portable UVC Phone Sanitizer kills 99.9% bacteria, charges phone, and provides aromatherapy!
You want to douse your bacteria-ridden phone in hand sanitizer and sprinkle it with antibiotics. You need your phone to keep working. How can you get the peace of mind that you want and the technology that you need?

Get Kyasi’s Power-To-Go UVC Phone Sanitizer. UVC bulbs kill 99.9% of virus-causing bacteria on your phone while Qi charger powers it up wirelessly. 8-minutes is all it takes to decimate the E. Coli colony that could be planning a revolution. 
Liquid, chemical, and wipe-free phone sterilization. No more screen streaks! 

Built-in essential oil inlet thermally evaporates oil, producing spa-like aromatherapy reprieve (essential oil not included).     
Kyasi’s Power-To-Go is a portable, sanitizing, QI charging, aromatherapy session in a box. Keep it with you and you’ll only be 8-minutes away from protection, power, and peace. 
Materials PC
Battery USB Power Supply
Bulb Type UVC
Sterilization Time 30 Seconds