Surgisyn Neoprene Reusable Sport Mask with Breathe Vents

Surgisyn Neoprene Reusable Sport Mask with Breathe Vents and 3 Activated Carbon Filters

  • Adult Standard Size (Stretchy & Adjustable)
  • 2 Breathe Max Vents
  • 3 Activated Carbon Filters

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Kyasi UV Cell Phone Sanitizer VMAX S2 White - KYPTGUVS2

Kyasi’s Portable UVC Phone Sanitizer kills 99.9% bacteria, charges phone, and provides aromatherapy!
You want to douse your bacteria-ridden phone in hand sanitizer and sprinkle it with antibiotics. You need your phone to keep working. How can you get the peace of mind that you want and the technology that you need?

Get Kyasi’s Power-To-Go UVC Phone Sanitizer. UVC bulbs kill 99.9% of virus-causing bacteria on your phone while Qi charger powers it up wirelessly. 8-minutes is all it takes to decimate the E. Coli colony that could be planning a revolution. 
Liquid, chemical, and wipe-free phone sterilization. No more screen streaks! 

Built-in essential oil inlet thermally evaporates oil, producing spa-like aromatherapy reprieve (essential oil not included).     
Kyasi’s Power-To-Go is a portable, sanitizing, QI charging, aromatherapy session in a box. Keep it with you and you’ll only be 8-minutes away from protection, power, and peace. 

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SU-MLX201 - Infrared Thermometer


Response Time: 3 Seconds
Measurement: Contactless
Display Range: 34 C ~ 42.9 C
Max Allowable Error: 0.3C

Uses high-precision infrared sensor, stable and reliable performance.
Strong probe structure ensures more accurate measurements
Fever temperature indication
Large size digital LED screen, clear and soft display
Auto Power off saves energy

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Kyasi UVC Germicide Phone Sanitizer - KYPTGUVSW1

The best Kyasi UVC portable phone sanitizer words by using UVC light to kill germs on your phone, keys, or whatever you place in the device. With a built-in battery, you have the power to go!

UVC light is well documented at killing germs: 

Experience the fastest portable protection for your home, office, car, work van, or anywhere you need it. Kyasi's Power to Go features all the best functions while staying mobile.

Keep your phone clean by utilizing advanced pop-up technology and UV-C LED sanitizing without any hassles. This is an amazing product.
After you are completed you can conveniently collapse flat to store in your backpack, gym bag, a work van, or whatever is convenient. Kill up to 99.9% of germs.

In just 30 seconds the device can fully sterilize against any germs. If you are sanitizing a phone or something that is 2 sided - you should do both sides individually for the 30-second sanitizing process.

The locking mechanism helps prevent UVC exposure while the device is on. The rechargeable battery powers our UVC LEDs for maximum life span.
The battery will last 70 sanitizing cycles before needing a recharge making this the perfect device to take with you as you are on the go.

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Kyasi Contactless Motion Sensor Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - Gold

Kyasi Go Touchless Dispenser

The Kyasi Go Touchless Dispenser is a convenient way to keep germs at bay. Using infrared technology, the touch-free sensor dispenses non-foaming soap or liquid and gel sanitizer automatically when hands are placed under dispensing spout. 

The Kyasi Go Touchless Dispenser works with a variety of liquid soaps for dishware, hands, face, hair, body, etc. It may also be used with liquid or gel hand sanitizer.    

Our easy to use Kyasi Go Touchless Dispenser may be refilled by simply removing the cap and filling with the liquid soap of your choice. This sleek unit requires 4 AAA size batteries (not included) for long-lasting, touch-free dispensing. 

-          Easy to Use, Ideal for Children
-          Touch-Free, Keep Germs Under Control
-          Refillable, Use Your Favorite Products
-          Compact, Space Saving Design
-          Portable, Uses 4 AAA Batteries

Additional Information:

This compact Kyasi Go Touchless Dispenser unit measures 80x80x190mm, with a capacity of 250ml/8.4oz. 

It is crafted from durable plastic, encased in high-quality aluminum and is colored gold. 

Features On/Off Button and Soap/Sanitizer Dispensing Volume Control Button. This unit is designed exclusively for liquid or gel based hand sanitizers or non-foaming soaps.

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Germ Shark Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Infrared Sensor

Germ Shark Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser (Wall Mounted)
Germ Shark Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Tray, Wall Mounted Unit, Refillable

The Germ Shark Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is an easy to use, touch-free hand-sanitizing system. Sleekly-designed Germ Shark activates when hands are placed in front of infrared sensor as shown on unit, efficiently dispensing pre-programmed volume of hand sanitizing gel. This wall-mounted Germ Shark Dispenser features a precision drop nozzle, dispensing sanitizer drops with mess-free accuracy. Attached drip tray keeps your environment looking pristine. 

Germ Shark may be operated using 4 size C batteries (not included), or DC electricity (adapter not included).    

-         Quality, Durable Construction
-         Clean, Drip-Free Floors
-         Safe, Touch-Free
-         Accessible, Easy for Children, Elderly, Disabled
-         Waste-Free, Control Sanitizer Output 

Additional Information: The Germ Shark is fashioned from durable ABS plastic. It measures 12.3x10.5x25.8cm, features a holding capacity of 1000ml/33.8oz., and is available in white.     

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